Microsoft Exchange 2010 & .Net Framework 4.5 Issue

Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP 2 stop working with .NET Framework 4.5, email stop working.

By logging in the Exchange Management Console, we will notice that the database is unmounted and you are unable to mount it back on.

To resolve this issue with Microsoft Exchange 2010, you need to update it with the Microsoft Exchange 2010 service pack 3. After which it should start working for you.

Note: Did a further testing on Microsoft Exchange 2010 with SP 1 seems like this issue does not exist.

Not very sure why this is happening and this is the quick fix I figured.


K2 Blackpearl Workflow Integration with more than 1 site collection

With K2 Blackpearl’s neat function to integrate with Microsoft Sharepoint it allows us to build complex workflow revolving around different line of business system as well as Sharepoint.

But what if we want to share this Workflow with more than 1 site collection?

This may change in future but as of now, at least with Blackpearl version 4.6.4 we are unable to link one workflow project with more than 1 site collection, unless we deploy it across the multiple ones.

The solution: Using a custom event handler from Microsoft Sharepoint and decoupling the integration from the K2 Workflow with Microsoft Sharepoint.

Let me know if anyone need more heads up on this.

Note: This is tested on K2 blackpearl 4.6.5

K2 Blackpearl : AD SmartObject querying Multiple Domain

K2’s Blackpearl introduce this concept of a smartobject, which really is a Data Access Layer (DAL) in a n-tier architecture without all the CRUDstatements. With smartobject it comes with some really neat Service Object (this is the what define the smartobject). Active Directory smartobject that allow you to query your AD and returns result. Continue reading “K2 Blackpearl : AD SmartObject querying Multiple Domain”

Infopath Editor Security notice suppressed

Microsoft Office has identified a potential security concern.

Warning: This file has been signed by a publisher that cannot be verified.

The template is requesting full trust permission and is signed by:

If you see the above message when opening up any Infopath Form, this means that the certification used are self-signed.

Therefore should you need to suppressed this message, you will need to get the cert from the person who deploy the form and install it on your machine.

K2 Blackpearl: Infopath integration

The InfoPath form template already has rules to switch views when the form is opened. For the process to integrate with the InfoPath form, specific view-switching rules are added by this wizard to the form template. Remove the existing view-switching rules and rerun the wizard.

The above is the error when you try to integrate the K2 Blackpearl Process with Infopath if you have view switching rules in your form load event.

This error will occur even if the rules in your form load event are disabled. Therefore make sure you check the above if you are facing this issue.

K2 Blackpearl SmartObject populate Infopath Dropdownlist


Populate Infopath Drop down list with Value from K2 SmartObject

1. Create the K2 Smartobject, in my case this is a SQL Service Smartobject.


Figure1. SQL Server Table with data.

Figure2. SmartObject: K2CompanyDetails Created

2.  Create a new Infopath form, save the form and exit infopath.

3. Right-Click on the form and select Integrate with SmartObject, select the K2CompanyDetails – Get List method.

4.Open up the form (Right-click -> Design), add a dropdownlist control to the page and right-click to get the properties.

Figure 3. Accessing the Properties of the Dropdownlist

5. Set the DataSource as K2CompanyDetails, and Set the Value to ID and Display Value to CompanyName.

Figure 4. Setting the DataSource to K2CompanyDetails.

6. Set the FormLoad Rules, to Query data on load.

Figure 5. Accessing the Form Load Rules

Figure 6. Query for Data

Figure 7. Rule Window.

7. Now save and preview this form.

K2 Blackpearl Sharepoint XML not updating

Just the other day, I was working with the K2 Blackpearl 4.6.

It’s a great product but as with all great product, you need a consultant or a product specialist to help you out with various aspect of it.

I will write an article on this product at a later stage for today, I am just jotting down the technical challenge I faced.

K2 Blackpearl have this great feature that pulls the columns for Microsoft Sharepoint Document Library or LIst into its own Object Browser and format it in XML for your usage with the workflow design.


I was trying to get it to refresh so that the Object Browser updates with the latest columns that I have created in the Sharepoint Document Library.


The easiest way is to rerun the Sharepoint Process Integration Wizard that we ran the first time. This will refresh the Object Browser and allow us access to the latest set of the Sharepoint column.

For more information on K2, I found this site extremely useful as the lack of information on the internet was really a show stopper.