Google Adsense : account is different from the one registered

Google Adsense allow you to have some ads on your blog or website and allow you to make some money of those ads.

But its not easy to set it up and many a times the information is lacking.

As I was trying to set it up, I got the following error :


The Account is different from the one registered.


I am utterly confused with this, i tried all sort of ways to fix this but to no result.

The final straw to resolve this issue are as following:

1. Go to your wordpress plugin page

2. Deactivate the Google Adsense Plugin.

3. Delete the Google Adsense plugin along with all the data.

4. Select Add New Plugin, re add the google Adsense plugin

5. Sign in to Google Adsense Plugin again and wait for it to verify that you are the webmaster.

Finally, we are done!

Disable Google Chrome Outdated Prompt

Firstly, I am a Big Fan of Google Chrome and its have been my favourite browser choice.

But this little message box on Chrome have been bothering me a lot lately. To remove the outdate prompt do the following:


Append the above to the chrome.exe in the properties of the file.

If you have it pin to the taskbar like me in Windows

1. Unpin the existing shortcut
2. Run the new chrome and pin in back to the task bar.

Alternative to Microsoft Remote Desktop App for MAC

Alternative to Microsoft Remote Desktop App for MAC.

If you have issue with connection from Microsoft’s Remote Desktop connection on mac, try the following:

1. Delete the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Application.

2. Remember to empty the trash bin.

3. Browse to the following site:

Dowload Cord.

4. Install this and connect to your destination session, this should work like a charm


Anyone who have done some form of programming will know of this term, Strings!

Its one of the more commonly used in the programming environment.

Today, I am writing this to talk about performance of Strings in C#.

String strValue = “This is a String”;

Above is a simple string declaration.

Consider the following example:

String strValue = “This is a String”;
strValue += ” This is another String”;
strValue += ” This is the Third String”;

The above method in .NET will use more memory, reason being that += will create a new string and discard the previous ones to the garbage collector (this is something alot of developers in .net doesnt care about because .net deal with it).

Instead of the above, do the following:

Stringbuilder builder = new Stringbuilder (“This is  a String”);
builder.append(” This is another string”);

string newString = String.Format(“{0} {1}”, “This is a String”, strValue);