Google Adsense : account is different from the one registered

Google Adsense allow you to have some ads on your blog or website and allow you to make some money of those ads.

But its not easy to set it up and many a times the information is lacking.

As I was trying to set it up, I got the following error :


The Account is different from the one registered.


I am utterly confused with this, i tried all sort of ways to fix this but to no result.

The final straw to resolve this issue are as following:

1. Go to your wordpress plugin page

2. Deactivate the Google Adsense Plugin.

3. Delete the Google Adsense plugin along with all the data.

4. Select Add New Plugin, re add the google Adsense plugin

5. Sign in to Google Adsense Plugin again and wait for it to verify that you are the webmaster.

Finally, we are done!

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